Create and setup server identities (Factom blockchain ID)

The videotutorial shown below covers this section.

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To be able to join the test net as an authority server you will need a «personal» server identity. The identity is generated using the serveridentity program. Entry Credits are required to create your identity to the blockchain.

We will set the following up in the guide:

  • Test Credits
  • Access to a full Factomd node, factom-walletd, and factom-cli
  • GoLang

A good starting point is found in "Interacting with the Factom Blockchain" section of the Wiki. If you followed the guide, you now have a full Factomd node along with the commandline tools factom-cli and factom-walletd.

Create and fund a new Test Credit address

Using the commandline:

  • Start factom-walletd
  • Create a new TC address factom-cli -s=localhost:port newecaddress
  • Visit the Faucet and input your generated address.
  • Verify that it has been funded: factom-cli -s=localhost:port balance ECXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Export your address: factom-cli -s=localhost:port exportaddresses

Take note of your private TC address for the next step, beginning with "Esxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Using the Enterprise Wallet:

  • Create a new Entry Credit address in your Address Book.
  • Visit the Faucet and input your generated address
  • Verify that it has been funded by checking the balance in the wallet
  • Click the pencil-icon on your EC wallet and click "Display Private Key", you will need this for the next step.
  • Also create a new Factoid address to set up efficency and payout

Download and build server identity program. The following are directions for linux.

Install git, golang 1.10, and glide. Set the proper $GOPATH environment variable.

sudo apt-get install git golang-go golang-glide

Edit ~/.profile and add these lines to the bottom:

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

Open a new terminal for these changes to take effect. You might even need to relog.

Clone the serveridentity program:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
cd serveridentity
glide install
go install
cd signwithed25519
go install

Create the server identity

  • Run ./serveridentity full elements Esxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -n=important -f from the step above
  • It will create the files important.conf and
  • Record the private keys printed out to the screen on paper or long term storage. These are used to control your identity in the future. Level 4 is the highest security and level 1 will be used to do more operations.
  • Save, important.conf. This will be your factomd.conf file on the server
  • Make sure factomd is running
  • Run factom-walletd in a terminal window
  • The factom-cli commands in need to be run. Change all lines with factom-cli … to now read factom-cli -s=localhost:port ...
  • Import the EC address to your wallet: factom-cli importaddress Esxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Check the balance factom-cli listaddresses
  • Run the script.
  • Check the explorer that the new identity chains were created 10 minutes later.

Set efficency and payout address

YouTube Video Guide